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Everyone in this section is either enjoying retired life or simply wasn't ever included in our program and is enjoying life as a beloved pet. Scroll  through to learn about them!

Int CH Am CH Claymore's Theia Dorea TKN

Born 9/13/2016 Theia is my do it all dog! She loves fastcat, loves cartings, retrieving, hiking, weight pull, you name it and she is game for it! Even if you just want to snuggle on the couch. Theia is my heart and soul and I am so incredibly proud of her and her offspring. She is a fantastic brood bitch who produces better than herself in more than one way while also leaving her stamp. And she only gets better with age! Theia is OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows normal, OFA cardiac clear, fluffy carrier, CMR1 clear, PRA clear, DM clear, and Cystinuria 1-1. Thyroid has tested normal though we are due for a recheck soon. Theia was retired in 2022 and is enjoying life on the farm with her kids and grandkids!

Int Ch Am CH Claymore's You Will Be My Squishy BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN

Born 9/22/2018 Charli is a fun loving snuggle bug out of Theia and Tidus. Charli lives for Fastcat and hopefully will be starting her journey  in lurecoursing later this year as well! Charli finished her Championship in November 2020 with back to back Best of Breed wins over  specials. She has completed her health testing and is OFA hips excellent, Normal Elbows, fluffy carrier, DM clear, CMR1 clear, PRA clear, Cystinuria 1-1 through parentage, OFA thyroid, and has passed eyes and heart as well though those need to be updated. Unfortunately Charli developed a uterine infection in 2021 and had to be spayed. While she won't have any litters we will still be pursuing more of our sports goals . 

Maserado-Claymore's Beauty

Born 6/30/2018. Marsh is my wild child. She is sired by Tidus out of Maserado Lillie Rose in Australia. We imported Marsh back to the US. She came off the 16 hour plane ride wagging her tail happy as a lark. Marsh is a bundle of energy much like her sire who never seems to stop moving. She is a wonderful guardian on the farm and lives for playing fetch. She is a wonderful hiking buddy and just such a happy girl. Marsh was spayed and will not be a part of our program.