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Pillars of Our Program

A big motivator behind our program is soundness and working ability. Mastiffs are a working breed and, in my opinion, should not only be capable of work but should be more than happy to! That's only one piece of the puzzle though and should always be kept in balance with correct breed type, health, and longevity

Claymore's You Will Be my Squishy running FASTCAT
Claymore's Butter my Behind for Audacious playing ball

Soundness and Work

Soundness both in body and mind are absolutely pivotal when talking about dogs that can easily exceed 200 lbs. A poorly contructed, poorly temperamented giant breed dog is a liability no one should have. We strive to produce well balanced, thoughtful dogs, that are a joy to see and train. 

Claymore's Bizzy Bee dock diving


Along with soundness and working ability type is another huge pillar in our program. Without proper breed type you simply miss out on what a breed is truly meant to be. We strive to meet the standard and produce beautiful examples of proper breed type without being overdone. 

English Mastiff

Health and Longevity

Health and longevity are two more things we take very seriously here. We strive to increase longevity and overall health of our dogs by staying up to date on current research and studies regarding health issues within the breed and canines in general. Our dogs are our life here and we want as long as we can possibly have with them with the best qualilty possible and we know you do too! 

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