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Life with Mastiffs

Three Mastiffs

Living with such large dogs can make for some interesting situations. For one, everything is bigger. From food bowls and crates, to beds and collars EVERYTHING is bigger. That can pose for some interesting problems while traveling. You'll find that many Mastiff owners choose to buy bigger vehicles for that specific reason. Another thing, with such big dogs their tails can be lethal. Coffee tables are non-existent as well as any breakable things within reach of those whip tails. 

Mastiffs are very much creatures of habit. They have their specific schedules and like to stick to them. Most nights by about 10 pm I am being yelled at to go to bed by someone. God forbid I am not up by 6 am the next day either or hit the snooze and delay our daily run.  

    Regarding exercise, you will find a mixed bag. Most everyone in my house enjoys a two mile run in the morning plus hiking on the weekends and a 20 minute training session every night. Some dogs you have to pry off their beds with a stick. In general, it's best to keep Mastiffs trim and well conditioned with daily exercise for adults. With growing puppies caution must be taken and forced exercise is a no no. Lots of free play in the backyard and daily training is always a good idea though.

English Mastiff

At our house, we LOVE to stay busy. Training is a fantastic way not only to build a relationship with your dog but also it's just plain fun! Mastiffs, are not generally the most biddable of creatures. They are not usually willing to sit there are perform the same trick over and over again just for your amusement. You have to  make it worth their time. While not willing to do that, Mastiffs ARE smart dogs and are very quick to pick up on new tricks and concepts though they are also smart enough to play dumb if they don't want to do something. The biggest "trick" to know when training Mastiffs is to keep it fluid and ever changing. Don't let them get bored. 

Often times in my house you'll find a trail of "living shadows". Mastiffs are very much velcro dogs and love to be with their people. Any second you pause you'll likely find them sitting right next to you touching you in some way or paitiently waiting for you to pay attention to them. Snuggles on the couch are part of our nightly routine and are always a much looked forward to part of our day.



 Drool. And yes, it does happen. It's really just reserved for post drink and in anticipation of food. We keep water bowls out on the porch or in the bathtub for that exact reason! Easy clean up!

Three Mastiffs playing frisbee

  In short, when getting ready for your first Mastiff be prepared for a living shadow who will do anything to make you laugh, is happy and goofy with a serious streak when it comes to protecting their loved ones, and is an incredibly loyal and loving companion. Mastiffs are very sensitive to how their owners are feeling and are the first to pick up on if you are sad and needs snuggles, need space, or simply need someone to make you laugh to make your day better. They are always up for whatever it is you want to do as long as they are with you and can just exist in the same space as you. Loyal, loving, goofy, and serious all at once they truly are incredible dogs. But, I may be a bit biased. 

Two Mastiffs posing
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